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Our quality is unparalleled in the industry. We set ourselves apart by investing in highly trained technical staff and state-of-the-art test facilities to ensure that our customers receive superior quality components. As proof of our commitment to quality, we provide
unique test reports for every item we ship.  Products are batch tested and individually tested with full traffic on the equipment for which they are intended. 

To successfully analyze the quality of an optical transceiver you need extensive knowledge of the PCB (printed circuit board), the components on the PCB, the TOSA (transmitter) and the ROSA (receiver).  In the case of DWDM technique, the TOSA represents 70% of the quality equation, so it is critical that these components are of the highest standard. If a TOSA component in production moves just 0.2nm due to aging or temperature shifts, it may lead to malfunctioning. 

Therefore we test our CWDM & DWDM optics with fluctuating temperatures for an extended duration with an Optical Spectrum Analyzer to ensure precise calibration. Additionally, Solid Optics only works with TOSA suppliers that have a proven track record of reliability.

Due to our rigorous quality control procedures, we are able to offer our customers a lifetime warranty on all of our transceivers — every product we ship is fully guaranteed to function correctly.
As a result of our extensive testing and quality control procedures, we have a less than 0.01% RMA rate.  Our test procedures are designed to ensure virtually zero chance of failure in your network.  However, should you experience a problem with one of our
products, our technicians will work to resolve the matter in a timely manner and issue anadvanced replacement unit if necessary




After coding our optics for a specific brand, we prove the compatibility in our test lab.


Optics are tested with full traffic to ensure accurate power budget.


For all CWDM and DWDM optics we ensure the channels are precisely calibrated.


We make sure all of the parameters of the optic are precise internally and on the exterior label.


The optical lenses are inspected  and cleaned.

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