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No. Network equipment manufacturers may not require that you use only name-brand optics as a part of their warranty as this is considered a “tie-in sales provision” and violates laws in both the US (specifically the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act & the Sherman Antitrust Act) and in Europe (The Tenet of Conformity). 

Most manufacturers of network equipment do not offer the full range of optics that are available to be used with their equipment since they do not specialize in optical transceivers. Solid Optics offers a number of products that are not offered by the major network equipment brands but which will work seamlessly in their platforms.

With name brand optics, you are paying a premium for the manufacturer’s name to be printed on the label.  Just as you pay a higher price at the supermarket for name-brand products, the same goes for name-brand optical components. In fact, in some cases, our optics may be manufactured in the same factory as the major brands and it is only a label that sets them apart.

We cut out the middleman and sell direct to you.  By bringing the optics straight to you from the manufacturer without numerous middlemen or distribution channels, we can offer extremely discounted prices.

We deal in large volumes.  Because we supply such a large volume of optical components to our customers globally, we receive favorable pricing from the factories and are able to offer some of the best prices on the market.

In most cases, we can supply optics for even small, less well-known brands of network equipment.  If we don’t already offer compatibility for a specific brand, we can often code for that particular brand if supplied with a sample optic.

If you don’t see your brand listed, just send us a request and we will get back to you promptly with a quote.

We supply a huge volume of optics to a wide range of customers, so in most cases we have the most popular optics in stock, ready to ship.  However, some of the higher-value, channel specific and specialized optics have a short lead time, which we will let you know ahead of time before you place your order.

Yes.  If you are interested in evaluating a standard optic to check its performance in your network, we can send you advance samples to try out for a specified period of time.  If you are happy with the optics, you can arrange to purchase them at the end of the evaluation period.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will take them back at no cost to you.

No, using Solid Optics will not void any warranty. Vendors cannot stipulate that only their branded parts may be used within their OEM systems in order to retain warranty.

Still have any questions? Please send us a message.

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