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100G-DWDM, QSFP28, (100-GHz ITU grid), PAM4, require EDFA and DCM to work (up to 80km), LC duplex connectors, DOM

The Solid Optics QSFP28 DWDM 100G PAM4 optical transceiver gives you the ability to multiplex 100G Ethernet over dark fiber.   The innovative PAM4 modulation technology allows for DWDM connectivity in a QSFP28 form factor on the 100G ITU DWDM wavelength grid.  However, PAM4 optics start with a negative power budget as the chipset takes all of the power for the PAM4 modulation.  Therefore, these optics require amplification to go any distance, and dispersion compensation after 5km.

  • Available in fixed DWDM channels 20 to 59
  • Uses PAM4 modulation to achieve 100G
  • Amplification needed from the first centimeter, dispersion compensation needed from 5Km
  • Normal power consumption (Max. 5W), is supported in standard equipment
  • Signal is composed of 2 x 50Gb 50Ghz DWDM wavelengths modulated with PAM4
  • FEC is integrated in the optic DSP
  • -9dB Power output per lane
  • -2dB to 6dB receiver sensibility per lane

Applications include:

  • High bandwidth connectivity for Data Center Interconnects
  • 100G Ethernet Metro-Access over DWDM
  • Campus and Enterprise Links

We offer the QSFP28 DWDM 100G PAM4 optics with our EDFA-MUX line of multiplexers, which include MUX/DEMUX + Amplification + Dispersion Compensation in a 1RU 19″ casing.  The EDFA-MUX product line includes 40km, 80km, and 120km models depending on your application requirements.  The Solid Optics EDFA-MUX, is pre-configured based on the loss and distance of your fiber but can be re-configured as needed.  Click here to view a demo of the 80km solution.

For fiber runs under 20km, please see our completely passive OWDM solution.

Get a copy of our PDF Presentation about options above 10G:  The Present and  Future of Data Center Interconnect

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