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Simplify 400G Deployments with Solid Optics' Modular Line System

Embrace the new era of 400G transport and data center interconnect. The advent of 400G ZR and Open ZR+ modules has unlocked the potential of open pluggable DWDM optics, allowing for seamless IP over DWDM and data center interconnect services. Introducing Solid Optics’ modular line system, designed to cost-effectively streamline your DCI deployments and transport services. 

Our fully pluggable solution combines the convenience of pluggable optical amplifiers (available in QSFP Pluggable or QSFP-DD Dual Pluggable form factors) with an easy-to-use 8-channel optical power colorless splitter and LC parking adapter.

The modular line system effectively minimizes expenses by eliminating the need for costly transponders, thanks to its pluggable components. This removes the necessity to allocate valuable rack space, typically associated with line systems and optical transport. The 400G coherent module seamlessly integrates with a 400G switch or router. Additionally, the colorless splitter facilitates the connection of up to 8 transceivers to a pluggable EDFA.

Furthermore, our modular line system offers two EDFA options. One of these is the QSFP-DD dual EDFA, consolidating both a pre-amp and boost amplifier into a single package. This design optimizes efficiency and versatility, providing a streamlined and cost-effective solution for your network infrastructure needs.

QSFP-DD Dual Pluggable

QSFP Pluggable

The QSFP option offers a pre-amp and booster as separate pluggable components for use in any QSFP ports, complementing various network use cases. Any unused splitter output ports can be ‘parked’ in the QSFP LC parking adapter, reserving that port for future services.

Dual Colorless Splitter

LC Parking Adapter

Experience effortless optimization of your DCI
and IP-over-DWDM deployments.
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