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The Solid Optics EDFAMUX is an all-in-one solution incorporating a DWDM Multiplexer, an EDFA (amplifier), and a Dispersion Compensator in a 1RU 19” casing, which requires less space and patching than the traditional separate units and can be pre-configured to your fiber and re-configured as needed.

The 100G EDFAMUX models were designed to work with QSFP28 100G DWDM PAM4 optics, which require amplification to go any distance and dispersion compensation beyond 5km.  The 100G EDFAMUX models come in 40km, 80km, or 120km versions.

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION EDFAMUX for Multiple 100G Links:

  • All-In-One solution in 1RU size
  • MUX, Pre/Post EDFAs & Dispersion Compensator built-in
  • Network agnostic (operate at physical level)
  • Web and console configuration
  • Low power consumption

✓ 1% Monitor port
✓ Console port
✓ Default LC/UPC with auto dust shutters
✓ Redundant AC power supplies (DC optional)
✓ Syslog Monitoring
✓ HTTP API access
✓ SNMP Monitoring

100G Models:

  • 8x100G 80km
  • 8x100G 120km
  • 16x100G 40km
  • 16x100G 80km

For fiber runs under 20km, please see our completely passive OWDM solution.

The 10G EDFAMUX models are a simple and affordable solution for long-distance applications from 80km to 200km and can be used with standard 10G 80km/ZR fixed color or tunable DWDM optics.

To download the datasheet or request a quote, select the model below that best suits your application.  If you are unsure about which model might work for you, contact us for recommendations.

Visit our YouTube Channel to view a short demo of a 10G EDFAMUX or 100G EDFAMUX solution.

Get a copy of our PDF Presentation options above 10G:  The Present and  Future of Data Center Interconnect

Contact Us with any additional questions you may have about this solution and how it may fit in your network.


Product Specification

Download Manual Console

Download Manual
No Console


Additional information

10 Channel


16 Channel

CH20-35 (Upgrade port 17-18/37-60)
CH43-58 (Upgrade port 17-41)

8 Channel

CH20-27 (Upgrade port 17-18/29-57)
CH28-35 (Upgrade port 17-26/37-57)
CH36-43 (Upgrade port 17-34/45-57)
CH44-51 (Upgrade port 17-42/53-57)

Monitor Port

Included 1%


LC/UPC with dust shutters


10 x 10G 140km, 10 x 10G 200km, 16 x 10G 140km, 8 x 100G 80km, 8 x 100G 120km, 16 x 100G 40km, 16 x 100G 80km, 10 x 10G 140km Simplex

Mux Technique

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